Asked Questions

You have a standard period of 26 weeks to repay your loan, with the outstanding loan amount and upfront interest charge repaid in weekly debit order instalments. You might qualify for monthly instalments. Give us a call so we can discuss your options.

Give us a call so we can discuss a repayment plan that will suit your business cash flow.

Unfortunately, you need a successful trading history of at least one year and a turnover of at least AU$120, 000 per year to qualify for a Pollen Business Loan.

We charge you a fixed once-off interest charge of 20% of the capital amount loaned to you. There are no additional charges unless you default on a weekly instalment or you wish to repay the loan over a period longer than 26 weeks.

Sure, once 50% of your loan has been repaid you may apply for refinancing. Call us to discuss your options.

Yes, you will receive a discount on the once-off interest charge. Give us a call so we can discuss a suitable repayment plan.

Yes, all your information is treated confidentially and will only be used by our team to obtain an application result.